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All the news from all over the country in once place, at your hand. Samaria news app aggregates news from different news sources that are taken as trusted news agencies. Sport, Technology, Businesss, Health and Blogs

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Samaria News

An ever easy app to get the all news at one place.

Samaria news app is a news aggregator app that assemble various contents from different news sources and display them in one section for easy and comfortable access.

Best Feature

Business News

Along side the business reports exchange reates of the world are presented. Rates are updated daily in comparision with the previous rate.

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Pwoerful Features As Always

Fast & Powerful

Ideal for medium speed connection. One time load and Fast navigation

Easy to use

News are places in category to navigate, read and share

News Sharing

Share your favorite news to friends in no time

Easy Notifications

Easy and non-disturbing notifications. (Breaking news, important updaates)

Fully Responsive

Responisve design and elegant layouts with categories

Editable Layout

Coming soon.

Our features

Aour Approach of Design is Prety Simple and Clear

The Samaria news app present news in an easy way to read, navigate between news and share news to friends. You will know it is your favorite category when the design changes. Each news categories have their own look and feel so you can identify them easily.

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Easy Notifications

Catch up with the breaking news with an instant notifications

Fully Responsive

Responsive design for all mobile devices.

Editable Layout

The coming release will brought an amazing feature to edit the layout by yourself. (Subscribe for the new release notification)

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Samaria news app is now available on Play Store, soon to be on App store too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samaria a news agency?

No, Samaria news app is not a news agency. It it just aggregates news from different sources and bring them at once place. For every news Samaria news will provide the original news source or news owner.

Is Samaria news a trusted source

As Samaria news is an news aggregator, non of the presented news are from Samaria. However Samaria news collects news from trusted news sources and agencies. All the news sources

Does Samaria places its content in the app?

Samaria does not place any content that are not from trusted sources. But in the blog section, written blogs or article are written by Samaria or other personal writters. The blogs are not considered to be news.

What does Samaria means?

Samaria means "watch mountain" and is the name of both a city and a territory. When the Israelites conquered the Promised Land, this region was allotted to the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim.